How Do I Cut My Own Mat Board?

Does Hobby Lobby cut mat board?

But did you know that you can get a mat cut… any size and any layout in any of the mat materials available…at Michaels.

(And probably other framing stores like JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby….

And they can probably do it while you wait (depending on how busy they are and if they have your preferred mat in stock)..

How can I mat a picture without a frame?

The simplest approach is to mount your artwork or photo directly onto uncut mat board. The uncut mat gives you a relatively large working area, so you can center the artwork, or mount it off center to give your piece a more modern look with a heavier weighted side.

How do you cut an exact board with a mat?

Use an x-acto knife and a metal ruler to cut through the mat board.Measure the reveal area you want around your art. … Transfer the opening measurements onto the center of the BACK of your mat. … Rest your mat cutting rail (or metal ruler) directly on the line of your opening.More items…•

What is the best mat cutter?

Best Mat Cutters ReviewedLogan 450-1 Artist Elite Mat Cutter.Logan Compact Classic Model 301-1.Logan 4000 Deluxe Handheld Mat Cutter.

How do you mat your own picture?

Find Your Artwork. Lay your knife on the outside edge of the page you want to cut from your book. … Tape the Back. Lay the page face down on a clean work surface. … Attach Mat. … Secure Mat and Picture. … Frame Artwork.

How does a mat cutter work?

Basically, you’ll set the attached mat guide to the size of the border you want, slip each side of your mat into the cutter and mark the border edge with a pencil, then place the cutter into the guide and cut from the first edge to the next, turn, and repeat until the center of your mat is cut away.