Question: Is Vue Js The Future?

Is V HTML safe?

Dynamically rendering arbitrary HTML on your website can be very dangerous because it can easily lead to XSS vulnerabilities.

Only use HTML interpolation on trusted content and never on user-provided content..

Is it worth learning Vue JS?

Popular – and chosen by the best. Thanks to its numerous advantages, Vue. js is gaining popularity really quickly. … It’s also worth mentioning that, while it’s easier to find developers who are already familiar with React or Angular, Vue’s learning curve makes it really easy to train your employees to use the technology …

Is Vue JS difficult?

Although Vue. js is easy to learn, there are significantly more React developers on the market. So if there is a business need for a more complex app, getting an experienced React developer who can jump into the project and start working immediately can take less time.

Which is faster VUE or react?

Both libraries have excellent performance. Vue is slightly better in memory allocation and startup times while React is a bit faster at runtime.

Does Google use Vue?

Vue is Angular with a React makeshift. … Google uses Vue in the new Gmail.

React has been a leader in popularity among JavaScript frameworks. It takes the first place with the number of 48,718 dependents, whereas, Vue. js is the second most popular JavaScript framework with half as many dependents — 21,575, as reported by Node Package Manager.

Can we use JavaScript in react JS?

You can build a custom bundle, include it using the