Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Try Something?

How do you say try my best?

try my best / synonymsuse the best of my ability.do my best.

phr.doing my best.

phr.do the best i can.

phr.give it my best shot.

phr.do my very best.

phr.trying my best.

phr.i do my best.

phr.More items….

What is the meaning of I will try my best?

to try as hard as you can in order to achieve something. I don’t know if I can finish the whole job in one day, but I’ll do my best. Synonyms and related words. + To try hard to do or get something.

What is the difference between tried and tried?

We’ll explain the difference. Tried means attempted when used as a verb. … Tried is the past participle of the verb “to try.” It means “attempted.”

How do you spell try or try?

verb Obsolete spelling of tried ; simple past tense and past participle of try .

What does Endeavor mean?

to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; strive: We must constantly endeavor if we are to succeed.

What is a better word for trying?

Words related to trying tricky, troublesome, taxing, upsetting, arduous, demanding, strenuous, irritating, stressful, vexing, fatiguing, exacting, rough, annoying, exasperating, aggravating, exigent, hard, irksome, onerous.

What does it mean to be into something?

If you’re into something, it means you really like it.

What does tried mean?

The definition of tried is to have attempted, tested, or having been legally evaluated for guilt or innocence.

Are you into or in to something?

Use “into” to describe where something is: going inside something else. Use “in to” based on the verb that comes before it. It can have many meanings, but here’s a quick tip that covers some of them: if you can replace it with “in order to,” use “in to.”

Are you into something or in to something?

Into or In To—How Do I Use Them? A common error is to confuse into, spelled as one word, with the two words in to. When deciding which is right for your sentence, remember that into is a preposition that shows what something is within or inside. As separate words, in and to sometimes simply wind up next to each other.

What are you into or in to?

When you use in, you’re indicating position. Her phone was in her pocket. When you use into in a sentence, you’re indicating movement; an action is happening. She stuffed her phone into her backpack.

Do your best idiom?

do (one’s) best To do as well as one possibly can at something. I’m just not good at math, so, believe me, a B- in Algebra means that I’ve done my best. No, you’re not the star player on the team, but you always do your best, which encourages the rest of us to do the same.

What is another word for effort?

Synonyms for effort ˈɛf ərtattempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try(noun) earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something. … effort, elbow grease, exertion, travail, sweat(noun) … feat, effort, exploit(noun) … campaign, cause, crusade, drive, movement, effort(noun)

What is the meaning of I will try?

I will try it -means you will definitely do it. I would try it – means you don’t know if you ever will, but if you had a chance you would not say no. would can be used in different ways. example : I will try to make this cake as soon as I get home.

What does try mean slang?

What does TRY stand for?Rank Abbr.MeaningTRYThe Reagan Years (band)TRYTomorrow’s Really Yesterday

Do my best or try my best?

“I will try my best” means that someone is putting the effort in to do that, but it doesn’t mean that it is going to be the best. “I will do my best” means that they are putting a lot of effort in so they will do their best. They are doing the best that they can. They are very similar and often used interchangeably.

What is another word for try out?

try; endeavour; try out; attempt; strive; examine; test; check; pretest; endeavor; recount; count again; request; require; ask; apply to; appeal; query; petition; beg; sample; taste; audition; prove; essay; experiment.

What is another word for different?

How is the word different different from other adjectives like it? Some common synonyms of different are disparate, divergent, diverse, and various. While all these words mean “unlike in kind or character,” different may imply little more than separateness but it may also imply contrast or contrariness.