Quick Answer: What Mean Seriously?

How do you respond seriously?

I am Serious to you, so you can call me Serious.

Sincerely your Serious friend.

“Well, duh.” That how I usually go.

Or, “Well, what do YOU think?” Or just look at them like, “Really….NO I m joking.I m just playing around.Nope, not at all serious.Yup I m serious and admitted in ICU..

What’s a big word for serious?

SYNONYMS FOR serious 2 sober, sedate, staid. 5 momentous, grave.

How do you respond to someone?

Speak directly and clearly when you respond.Make sure they’re paying attention to you so you don’t have to repeat yourself.Recognize if someone else wants to speak and allow them room to talk as well.Allow the person to respond to what you’ve said as well.

How do you respond to that’s good?

The best answer is to say “thanks” acknowledging the other person’s well wishes.

What does it mean to be taken seriously?

: to treat (someone or something) as being very important and deserving attention or respect He takes his religious faith seriously. She’s well qualified for the job, so she hopes the company will take her seriously.

What type of word is seriously?

seriously adverb (EXTREMELY)

How do you respond to I want to get to know you?

It depends on the connection. But in general it is a pleasant reply to get. One that invites to a deeper conversation and connection. If I am also interested in getting to know the other person more I could perhaps say something like “I also want to know you more” or “I also feel the same.”

What is a serious person?

The definition of serious is showing deep thought, not joking, or a situation that requires careful thought. An example of serious is wearing a full suit to a casual dinner; serious attire. An example of serious is a person who doesn’t smile or laugh easily; serious person.

How can I take my family seriously?

That’s what I would go for.Don’t talk too much or too little(?).Talk about various stuff. Not just certain stuff.Avoid sensitive topics eg. sex, religion, etc.Listen to others as they speak, laugh at their jokes.Balance between jokes and serious stuff.Talk confidently. … Be you.

What do you call someone who takes things seriously?

The word “blackletter” is traditionally the word most associated with someone or something that takes an overly serious (therefore rigid) adherence to rules.

What does like seriously means?

That said, it is commonly spoken by many English speakers, and would be widely understood as expressing surprise and/or incredulity at a statement; the modern form of “Are you being serious?”.

Is it take you serious or seriously?

Senior Member. ‘take it seriously’ is the correct phrase in BE because seriously is an adverb, while serious is an adjective (and in this case the word describes the actions of the verb take, so we need an adverb).